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Data Protection Policy

Protecting your privacy is very important to SWISSVAX and something we take very seriously. In line with the statutory and technical industry standards, we feel obliged to protect your privacy as follows:

I. Use of personal data

We store and use data/information for the following purposes:

If you open a customer account (account) with us and place an order, we will store your name, email address, delivery address and telephone number. We only use the above-mentioned data/information to internally manage your customer account (account), to process payments, for marketing purposes and marketing analyses and to inform you of the current status of your order.

If you take part in a competition advertised by us (e.g. promotional contests) or any other promotion, we will require your first name and surname, as well as a valid postal address and email address. In this case, the data/information is only used for administrative purposes relating to the competition or promotion and for notifying the winner.

If necessary, we also have to pass on the data/information made available to us to third parties (e.g. payment portals) in a limited way, but only insofar as this is required to process your order/payment.

We may also use the data/information to inform you of important changes to our websites, services, current product changes/news or competitions.

II. Protection of personal data

We take all reasonable measures to protect the above-mentioned personal data:

We provide a secure service for opening a customer account (account) and placing an order. In this respect, we use the industry-standard encryption software Secure Service Software SSL, with which all data to be transmitted to us is encrypted before it is sent.

In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 whilst simultaneously offering you maximum protection of your personal data, for our part we take strict security measures in relation to storing and encrypting your personal data. This also serves the purpose of preventing unauthorised access to said data. For safety reasons and to protect your privacy, we will if required ask you to identify yourself electronically before sending any sensitive information or accepting an order.

III. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information which are sent to your hard drive from websites and enable the latter to automatically identify the user, display a personal greeting and store items in a personal electronic shopping basket.

You can deactivate cookies or adjust your browser settings so that you have to manually accept the storage of a cookie. Your browser's "Help" section should include further information on how to make the necessary adjustments.

If you completely deactivate cookies, it might be possible that you cannot use all of our websites' functions as intended. If you would like to remove your cookies, you can do so by selecting the option "sign out" on our websites.

IV. Passing on personal data/information to third parties

We do not, in principle, currently sell, exchange or rent personal data/information to third parties. This practice could change in future, but only in cooperation with very carefully selected and trustworthy third parties. If you do not agree with this policy, please send us an email to

We reserve the right to pass on statistics or analytical data on our customers, as well as sales and visitor numbers, to selected and trustworthy third parties, although this information will not include any of your personal information.

We also reserve the right to delegate certain tasks and functions to third parties. This may, for example, include delivery of the goods ordered, data processing, payment transactions or such like. In this respect, we undertake to ensure that information may only be used by said third parties for purposes directly associated with performing the task they have been delegated. In this respect, we are committed to fully complying with the Data Protection Act 1988.

V. Transfer of data

The data/information you provide us with may be transferred to an economic area outside of Europe for administrative tasks and/or order processing. The above-mentioned Data Protection Policy and the Data Protection Act 1988 are strictly adhered to in this respect.

VI. Right of access to personal data/information

You may ask for access to or request information on the data/information stored by us at any time. To do so, please email us at Our Data Protection department will be happy to send you the desired information within a maximum of 10 working days.

VII. Agreement and amendments

By using these websites, you are irrevocably consenting to the above-mentioned conditions. Any amendments to this Data Protection Policy will be published in this section of the website as soon as they are officially announced.

VIII. Copyright

The text, image, sound, and all other information published here is copyright by Swissvax AG, Switzerland except where indicated. It is not to be reproduced wholly or in part without prior written permission of Swissvax AG. The Swissvax wordmark and Swissvax crest are registered trademarks of Swissvax AG. Swissvax
AG is a company registered at Zurich, Switzerland.

IX. Contact details

Should you have any further questions, comments or concerns relating to this Data Protection Policy, please contact us by sending an email to: